Colour of Fire, Heart of Music Massive Update

THIS  JUNE - Colour of Fire, Heart of Music

If a city is built on its culture, then we should celebrate that core fire. Music is the heart of downtown Barrie. I am putting on a print show to tribute music in Barrie, Ontario. This group show will be a part of the Focus on Simcoe Photo Festival. A photo festival based out of Barrie, in its first year. I am showing at The Creative Space Downtown. To be a part of my group show is substantially cheaper than to do a solo show in the same festival, with the same number of prints. I will charge $65 to be in the show, that includes; being in the photo festival, sleeves for the prints, your own personal industrial shipping case for the prints, food and live entertainment at the opening. I am charging an additional $50 per, 16” by 24” mounted print. I will be showing the prints at other locations. The show will have a unified feel that is all the same paper mounted on black foam core. Images entered are the exclusive property of the artist and may be sold at a price determined by the artist. Artists can leave their contact info, cards and prices at the show. They can be contacted directly about; sales, marketing, etc. Prints may not be displayed outside the Color of Fire, Hart of Music collection until either: replaced, the artist leaves the show and the body of work, or an agreement in writing between the artist and I. One print for each image entered must be in the show at any one time. After the show, I will be showing the prints at other locations. While a show is going on all images must be there. Artists can update their images at any time as long as the images are approved in the same way as the original shot. I have secured the venue and I am gathering artists on a first come first serve basis. If you wish to enter for the show I need JPEG's to see what you want to submit so that I can verify if you are eligible. If you are accepted I will need 16” by 24” files at 300 dpi. (no images depicting violence or nudity will be accepted). Artists will be asked to sign a printed copy of these terms before the show.