Stillness, the Art of Understating What You Create

As creatives, we are always coming up with ideas. These ideas are often abstract and disconnected. To implement them you must be able to calm the storm internally. You could have all the ideas in the world; however, for them to be worth anything you must have all the time in the world. We think of being productive as working ourselves to exhaustion. However, the quality of life and work goes down. While it is often not feasible to take breaks when you need them, you should schedule time throughout the day to rest and collect your thoughts; Mindfulness exercises are a great use of this time. You can also use them for daydreaming. Scheduling in time to be one with your ideas and to practice non-doing can give you the stamina and clarity to keep innovating in an organized way. As you learn about your thoughts, your innovation will become more profound.

Edited by Gregory Shanahan