Designing Thought 27: Why We Should Say the Truth not Perspective, Part 3 — The Novel

The Novel is an argument about the world that is made in a fictional setting, but defines the facts as wrong. The plot has details that have never happened. However, it has themes which are very real and that affect the real world. These themes are expressed in arguments that have just as much merit as an essay. However, they are not based on logic. These arguments are based on archetypal and subliminal truths that are communicated by storytelling. The act of storytelling is not to mislead or to entertain; it is to help people look into their hearts and find their truths. The novel looks at what we understand to be our personal and collective narrative. It proves a point on a much less exact, however much more personal level. It targets your identity rather than your understanding. This power makes it easy to use for manipulation and puts the responsibility on the storyteller not to dominate the communication. A novel look at the truth of an argument, not the facts.