Designing Thought 28: Why We Should Say the Truth not Perspective. Essays and Novels Facts and Truths

The novel is part of the heart, while the essay is part of the logical mind. We use our hearts to understand our internal world. We use logic to contextualize that experience in the outside world. The self is an abstracted physical world, and the world is an abstracted self. The essay looks at facts, the novel look at truths. The idea of one single truth is, by definition, outside of mortal reach. I would call one single truth either a set of all facts or our need to identify with the outer world. As much as we have a powerful gift — the gift of having our own identity and truth — we have a psychological need to fuse our most internal truths with the most external facts. This almost sexual embrace of the self with the universe is where the words “truth” and “fact” relate to each other. The conception of a bias-based language is the way we understand both the novel and the essay.