Designing Thought 29: Dreams vs Psychosis Part 1 — Dreams

The story between closed eyes is rich. We close our eyes, and after a glimpse of truth, we wake. This is what most people picture dreaming of being. If you dive deeper into the dream, you see the story of many novels unfold. It is a journey through the truths of your life that you have not yet realized. Dreams can explore what is not part of our collective lives. It can be about what is us alone. Think of a vision not based on facts, but on truths (see earlier posts). That does not make it any less real to you. However, it means that its contest is only in your imagination. In this sense, there is no such thing as the impossible, only the inability to respond with one's imagination. Like any journey into the realm of truths, you must balance it with facts. For this reason, Lucid Dreaming can be very healthy. However, you must remember that even if you are consciously exploring dreams, the waking world is where you change the universe.