Taylorism in the Age of AI: Part 1 — Institutions and Hierarchies

Education in Ontario is built on classical Taylorist attitudes to creativity. The policy of the Alt-Right sees economics as a pre-information view on Taylorism. In my opinion, the job of an artist is to step outside of Taylorism hierarchies. The collapse of hierarchies would lead only to anarchy. A functioning society, then, is the reason we should look to build new hierarchies instead of attacking them as an artist. Globalization too, requires Taylorism for efficiency. It also requires an invitation for progress.

Taylorism and invitation are a false dichotomy. Education should teach youth free thought and the ability to change the very institutions they are a part of. This use of innovation by the student body is needed to balance the political ageism of modern western democracy. We need to challenge the institution of thought. We should not center on an institution of governing structure. The idea of challenging the institution of thought contradicts classical Taylorism. However, in the age of AI, the efficacy of an institution of the governing structure is dependent on the ability of workers to innovate within the institution.