Describing the Institution of Thought

The institution of thought is not the structure of an organization of society; It is the structure of ideas in a collective. The world of facts and essays can model how organization and society work. You see this in economics. The world of novels and truths looks at our personal world. The institution of thought is how we organize our truths in relation to each other outside of our agreed facts. The workers in the institution of thought are the chaotic subconscious identities. These subconscious identities are expressed in ways that can only be approximated by others. The inexact relation makes the interpretation of a piece of art or propaganda the structure of the institution of thought. The institution of thought works with the logical conscious organization in society. We can look at any hierarchy through the lens of the institution of thought. The higher you are in the hierarchy, the more you are expected to tell the stories that define the social group's corresponding institution of thought. Stepping outside the charted territory of social norms means that you need to come up with a story that people can buy into with their hearts. This story can be true as Shakespeare, even if outside of conscious logical facts.