Virtual Storytelling Part 1: generational Biases in a How We use the Internet

The sustainability of societal habits has led to a collective dived in the global village as we use more and more of the planet and are increasingly connected across it. We are forced to take either a long term or short term view. The economic forces that are dominant are skewed towards short term. There is a correlation between the length of time in the political budget and the length of time the policymakers have left of this planet. The generational tension is seen in how different ages interact if technology and social norms about intimacy vs geographical connection.

 This tension is expressed in how we relate to the internet. The basis of optimism and denial filters the perception of individuals in their youth were as the perception of individuals with years on them is one of pessimism and acceptance. These biases are ingrained into our personal truths and are embedded into how we characterize of identity in any medium. The internet is a place were these personal falsehoods are moved into the collective story.  

 When telling a story of being in the inside of the institution of thought you need to understand the biases of the collective are shaping how people you the medium in question.