Internet and Empathetic Abstraction

The internet is the birth of globalized intimacy.  We industrialize empathy in our use of art and propaganda.  The story we tell is filtered through an abstraction of truth that is based on anti-intimacy.  This veil between the parties communicating is the temptation to use propaganda instead of art.  It gives a platform to share vast amounts of ideas that can build a story even if not true.  This same veil can help permit us to share the plot of our art without the fear of judgment. It can do many of thing to fundamentally change the relationship between truth, story, perspective, and art . These changes affect how we understand each other through the identity brands and work we put out on the internet.  To have an ethical use of brand or idea that people buy into virtually you must be transparent on what is behind that veil of empathy.  Ethical online branding means making a conscious effort to avoid denial of empathetic abstraction.