Leadership: Part 1 Getting Other to Help Build and Not Depend on You for Everything.

Leading is about giving opportunities for people to grow, not telling them how to work. To understand how to inspire others to create with you, instead of using logic to constrain their actions, you must start with giving them the freedom the build them, even if the means making mistakes. You cannot keep your workers, clients, and management completely safe. The force of dictatorial management is on the hill of propaganda. Dead people cannot make art. However, an artist only truly dies when the work they make is no longer theirs. To lead people to create in your name you must be ok with the creation being theirs. You have a style that knows one else has, however just like any other conversation you and the other human must learn to do the following.  You must collaborate with harmonizing not equalizing forces and people. Your style is what people come to you for when they buy from you. The people you lead must grow their style even if divergent form yours. Ideas that are not yours are how you get people to build what you could never on your own. People can build by themselves are how you want to her. They are the people that will do what is best for the client and would be you competition if they were not helping you build.