How to Win at Scrabble: Logical Constraints vs Logical Criteria

Tow win at scrabble you need more points than everyone else. To do this, you need to be able to come up with words that fit criteria that have not to be predecided. You do not know you need a word that will give you a tone of the point is especially spot until after you alone come up with it. This creativity in an of itself is not bound by logical continents that would stop it from being creative. However, were this creativity to come up with a word is applied is a specific set of logical rules. You have a limited number of letters that can clearly give you more points on certain parts of the board. Creativity is in and of its self unconstrained. Logic has no place in daydreaming. Logic is how you set your criteria on what needs to be solved. The logical distinction of process vs criteria is the difference between innovative words in the game and liner frustration.