Virtual storytelling: Part 2 Empathic abstraction and the institution of thought.

The story by definition Involves either empathy of an understanding of its logical structure.  This empathetic facet of the story is the connection between society and the institution of thought. The idea of communicating parts of the institution of thought is part of storytelling whether virtual or not.  Storytelling means an inherent level of empathetic abstraction. The degree and shape of this abstraction are what you see in virtual communication.

Most people can empathize with one person very well. It is nest to impossible to empathizes with a whole country. Empathiseable proximity is the idea of intimacy at play. You can have Intimacy when you see a comprehensible part of the institution of thought.  

 To tell an effective story online, you need offline intimacy in an online context. To do this, you need to need to explore the statistical institution of thought and fine examples of how personal connection can give context empathetic abstraction.