The Gun is Stories: Part 1 The good and Evil in All of Us  

The gun is the symbol for evil, for death, for war, and for everything bad you can do to someone. If it is how we tell the story of hated then why is it in so many successful socially accepted stories?

 The is no person on this planet how is only good or evil. That is why we have the idea of god and the devil. No matter what someone actions what you see of them is only an abstraction of their identity. We interact in the world of things however operate in the world of ideas. This idea that we can only share an abstraction of the institution of thought is one that is a bedrock of how we use symbols. A symbol is how we understand, and the idea form the institution of thought and give it contest in a story.

 The gun is how we understand violence. However, you can not look at the story without how we an individual and people understand and deal with violence. We will never live in a Utopian world and as bad as violence is you can not be in denial of it. We explore the human condition through stories, and the gun is how we deal with real-world trauma.