Outline for 2 min speech on Adverting

1 get you to trust (Now to live up to my last presentation)

 2 get you to visualize what I will be talking about (Take 10 seconds to think of 3 words to describe this image)

 3 Proclaiming the premise (By the time you thought of the first thing in this list you already have your full opinion on what is shown in the image.)

 4 The Framework( You have 3 basic parts to how uses  see an image. The first is looking at the image. The second is a mess of complex illogical instincts:  dream, narrative, emotion, and so on.)

 5 Starting to hint at what I am doing (This is true for any piece of art, propaganda, or ­­­­­­advertisement.)

 6  Rapping up (good add plants as seed in what you senesce pick up, second it manifests in a subconscious mess and comes out on a roughly designed form as the first thing you thought, you thought back at the beginning of the speech.)

7 Appearing to Concluded  (For this reason, unless you are aware and accepting of this subconscious seed, you will always fall into any good add. )

 (Thank You

 Last Thing)

 Show my Hand  Finally (I wanted till you clapped to ask did I just give you a informative talk or did I plant the idea of me being the right artist and advertiser in your head)