When Art Therapy Should be Replaced with Art School.

Art Therapy is often used for people that should be a full out artist. Being an artist is not about making much money even if the industry. Being an artist is about having something to say that you cannot get out in words. It is about having an overwhelming mess in your head that you need to untangle through artwork.

Many times art therapy is used for these types of minds. Instead of thinking about art as a way to treat people, we should think of it as a way for those same people to help others. The difference is that when you try to use art clinically, it becomes something that the artist is working on analytically. Art therapy turns into a focus on the lack of technique. You end up focusing using a medium to try to get better.

In contrast, learning to be an artist is about self-acceptance. You learn that you will never stop having vivid emotions and Imagination. The clarity comes from creating art that shows what is in your head can be still in the river of ideas. You can let it flow through you.

Instead of participating in art therapy many people should be taught the technique to vividly express what is in their head. They should be given permission to express themselves. Once people become artists, others going through something similar will be able to look them. That is true empowerment.  

Edited by Gregory Shanahan