The Need to Learn Social Skill in your area of interest

I feel lonely a lot of the time. Once I leave a photo shoot, I spend all my time to myself and I still do not have the number of friends I need. This is getting better, slowly. I really do not understand the social skills needed to have a regular friend call me, let alone a girlfriend. I feel lonely because I have no close friends that I can relate to in person. This means that I need to find people I can shoot with. When I was younger, people tried to put me in social skill groups, which just made me feel more alone. When I am talking to real friends, I am talking about what we’re both interested in. This is often related to photography and/or my art. For young people experiencing the same thing; the answer to finding people is to find those who are just as passionate about your interest, not just a social skills group.

Edited by: Julie Mann