Autism and Networking Part 2: Networking and Social Norms  

Most people put a lot of emphasis on the need to fit into a mold. This means that they naturally find people who are undifferentiated from the masses. When you are networking you want to find the exceptions to the social norms, that guild typical decisions. When you look to meet people look for people how are doing atypical thing with atypical ideas.  You want to meet people who will go on to do things that other people are not.


The next thing worth mentioning is that most of the human population feel a lot of social anxiety when faced with the prospect of talking to people with high social statuses. The lack of a social need to conform to these social hierarchy helps individuals get to know strategic people.


The need to make friends transcends in people with Asperger’s/autism as it is what drives us to make social connections. Well constructed networking is a step to making friends for people with Asperger’s. The idea that you can make meaningful relationships can be a refuge for meeting people you have common interests with.  

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Edited by: Julie Mann