Autism and getting a Job Part 3: Employment vs. Entrepreneurship

The age old question we all ask: should we work for ourselves? Let me start by saying a couple really terrible reasons to work for yourself:

1. You will have lots of time.

2. You will not have to listen to anyone.

The reality is that you will need to work all day and every day.  You will do nothing but work on you business like it is a child.

Why start a business? You must have a clear idea of a problem you want to solve, a need that people have that is not being addressed. This problem should be solved better than anyone else who customers may choose from. You must spend all your time working on you salutation and be able to give directions. You will need to know more about your field than anyone else you are working with or against. You will need to be obsessed and want to constantly be creating. If this is you, then you might want to think about entrepreneurship.

Where dose autism fit into this? People on the spectrum find it very hard to fit into the social norms. This need to act different allows us to move forwarded with projects that are not happening else where. It also helps us come up with solutions to problems some people do even know exist. We will never stop working on our passion and that means that we will put on the hours need. You will need to be perseverating on your business.  Also, If you are truly an entrepreneur, you will never be happy in a job where you are not creating from your own vision.

Edited by: Julie Mann