I Would Never Take a Pill that would Get Rid of All Autistic Tendencies

People Think that Asperger’s is something to be cured like Bipolar Disorder. I would argue that Asperger’s is not unhealthy. It causes me to spend every waking hour working on what I’m passionate about. That is what is needed to be very successful at something. I think in details and can hold complex ideas in my head; I do so without needing the overarching ideas to be conscious. That is something that most people can’t do. Yes I struggle to make friends however, as I age I find that other eccentric thinkers can give me more satisfying conversations than anything that I could say if I took a pill to be neurotypical. I am learning what a balanced life means to someone that cannot stop working. Balance is different for everyone though. I would rather stand out from the pack than try to fit in.

Edited by: Julie Mann