Autism and Leadership

I am often told, explicitly and implicitly, that because I have ASD I cannot lead people. While there are technical things I struggle with such as: reading the people I am working with in many contexts; speaking concisely about ideas that need to be addressed; understanding when people need space to do their own work and more. I can do things most people cannot: conceptualizing a non-typical path for a group; logically sorting though puzzles of influence; creativity and the ability to envision what does not currently exist; the ability to sell an idea to people; I can work on what the team needs and nothing else for a extend period of time. These are not all-encompassing lists. I have done a good job of leading so far. I feel that giving the people you lead the power to make as many of their own decisions as possible is a good thing. Micro-managing ultimately makes the client-front-line-worker relationship fragile. Overall I had success as a leader in a founder sense. It is a different mindset then a mid-level manger.