FACES 59: Insider-Outsider

Life with Asperger's is the epitome of the insider-outsider personality talked about in Zero to One by Peter Thiel. I am in the inside of the local arts and business community, however I am also a social reject. On new years, I was in the green room and on the guest list. Later this week a worker made a huge deal in the grocery store about my privacy that just ended up making the people around us think that I was slow. I went to organize the touring pint show with a library. An old classmate of mine told me “how is it going big guy” Implicitly saying that he needed to go easy on me. On the other hand, I have local businesses reaching out to partner with me. I live a double life every day. One minute I am talking to someone about something that most people wish they could achieve or conceptualize. The next minute I am being talked to in a way that would help someone who struggles mentally to understand.