Faces 59: Outside in the storm, A visionary Looking in the Window to the Hearth of Social Conformity

There are valuable lessons that visionary and thought leaders never learn completely, the lessons of fitting into a group of secure social innocence. Many people look to someone else to construct a safe place to fit in and be what they are told to be. The truth is being outside the pack and looking in on it as an outsider, as a visionary, as an individual that has to change the status quo, you never really fit in with anyone other than other visionaries. This is not to say that anyone is better than anyone else, or that everyone should try to be visionary. Your place in society is up to you and is beautiful regardless of where you are in relation to the pack. It is not easy to have ideas that are not communicable to many and that have jaded you into silence. The weight of conjecture is why optimism should never be confused with innocence.