Bipolar Disorder: Creative and Madness

I live with the Bipolar Disorder and I have been Psychotic is the past. I have been healthy for years however they want to be more creative is always there. When I become unhealthy, the first thing that happens is I become more creative; then I have more ideas, and I can think faster. I start of notice pattern that is less obvious. Being, for lack of a better word smarter, sounds amazing and is a very tempting trap. The problem is I start to see patterns that are not there. I think so fast that my mind starts to bark down. I start to lose the sense of what is a creative idea and what is a simple fact. I start to confuse imagination with observation. I start to lose a sense of what is in my head and what is in the outside world. The archetypal idea of a siren is how creativity at it extreme in my case leads to madness.                                         

I have not had this problem of years this time of self-reflection has given me a unique perspective on creativity and perception.