Struggles in Communicating With Me.

I have tried talking to people and had them get angry at something the feel I said. In reality, I almost always am trying to say something else. My ideas have many barriers to come out in a say that most people can understand and react to in a way that addresses what I am trying to communicate. The first is that my ideas are a complex web of what seems to most people as disconcerted points. They are only relateable through abstract creativity. The second is that most people seem to need a short linear set of points that take them to the final conclusion. I find it very hard to understand what most people see as a liner. The nest is that the ideas themselves are not what most people think of when they look at the problem and when people assume that they know what I am saying they judged me for how they perceived part of my idea. This misconstruing of partial truths leads to a confrontation over an issue that does not exist.

 I also struggle to understand when people are saying something with body language. Additionally, you will see me also struggle with understanding how and why people use specific commutation that many people to explain their ideas. I am above average in understanding the ideas themselves. I struggle to read certain emotions more than others.

 The overall idea that neither of our perspectives has all the data to understand the other in our entreaty levees the average person and myself needing calefaction of some sort throughout the interaction. Assumptions on either of our parts can lead to breakdowns.