Fitting In, Standing Out, and ASD

I want to talk about the advantages that come with Autism. People think that when they hear the letters ASD, that the person must be slow. If not, people often think that just because someone is on the spectrum they need to make them spacial. This attitude subconsciously assumes that it has to be the public and not the individual with ASD, who needs to validate the purpose of that individual. If you have ASD, regardless of your intelligence, whether you are like Albert Einstein or nonverbal, you can make it your own life’s journey to define how you are. You do not need a caregiver forcing their idea of what make you a great person. You need to find that out for yourself. Your real super power, whether you have ASD or if you are neurotypical, is for you to be you and to think for yourself. Be pound of what make you different, not what others around you can do to fit in.