Autism and Networking Part 1: What is Networking?

lets start with defining networking. Contrary to the misconception networking is the art of making meaningful relations with people who can help yo with you business. It is like making friends, however instead of leading your personal life you lead with you business life.

You are aiming to build a network of the most strategic people possible. You can not start with the people you need to know in the end game. You are constantly improving you position by moving pieces. You want to sacrifices a few people as possible even if they are pawns. You do not want to loss empathy.

What is the difference between networking and multinational? In networking the goal is to care for people and mutually benefit all parties. You want to offer something they need, get something you need and have a human connection that is authentic .

Camera Basics PHOTO TIP: Part 1  

What is the difference between Program Mode (P) Aperture Priority Mode (A or AV) Shutter Priority Mode (S or TV) and Manual Mode (M)? Program Mode automatically decides how much to, freeze motion and how wide the distance from your camera you should see sharpness. However, it lets you control how much noise there will be. All three of those controls affect how much light there will be. This means that you cannot fully control how much light you get in your image unless you sue manual. Manual allows you to fully control your camera including all of these controls and more. Aperture Priority Mode (A or AV) is like Program Mode (P) except you can control how wide that distances of sharpness is away from the camera. Shutter Priority Mode (S or TV) has one difference from Program Mode (P), it lets you control how much is froze.