Outline for 2 min speech on Adverting

1 get you to trust (Now to live up to my last presentation)

 2 get you to visualize what I will be talking about (Take 10 seconds to think of 3 words to describe this image)

 3 Proclaiming the premise (By the time you thought of the first thing in this list you already have your full opinion on what is shown in the image.)

 4 The Framework( You have 3 basic parts to how uses  see an image. The first is looking at the image. The second is a mess of complex illogical instincts:  dream, narrative, emotion, and so on.)

 5 Starting to hint at what I am doing (This is true for any piece of art, propaganda, or ­­­­­­advertisement.)

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I need for the Body Image to be about Personality not Sex in Photography

I was a class last week where I said to the group that one or the group members would bake an interesting person to a portrait of. The room immediately sexualized that comment even though it was not meant that way. This post is a critique of our public view of the role of a portrait and how we view understanding someone visually. As a photographer, I am fascinated by how people look. It to not whether anyone body is better than essence another of even about the body at all. Everyone had the essence to them which is infinite time more important. We know this however we still use images to show the physical and even sexual over the identity.  Yes, it takes more skill and understanding to capture the essence of an individual. The role of a professional photographer understands how to capture the intricacies individual and collectives that are shaping the world in any way. This is a far cry from anything sexual however the industry and the North American culture muddles this distraction, unfortunately.

The Tree of Jung's Shadows

Carl Jung said “the routs of the human shadow reach all the way to hell” The shadow refers to the dark evil side of us. I would rephrase this. I would say evil is the seed of a tree of which the trunk is the confusion of fact truth. The fruit of this tree is a human shadow. This structure comes us in literature in all sorts of ways. Form the development of characters to the arrangement of semiotics. An example of this structure is the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. I will the calm weather this ever happened or not in history. I will say that the story is a physical map of the human shadow and its place in the border psyche. As a child as you learn your own personal original sin, the act of losing innocence, you taste your own shadow and loss the place of article bliss. It the act of showing us your own psyche and its place in the world that make stories so compelling.

Looking for Artist: Part 3 Building Humanity Together

When looking for an artist you want someone how can work with the edge of the group. Someone how has a foot in the game of social cohesiveness and with one foot in the unknown. The is not just about looking at uncharted territory it is about knowing how to lead people into the jungle and knowing that the arts can paint the path through. I see the world live and it will till it dies. As long as people can build on us then our contributions stay alive. The idea of creating what can be built and improved on by others is what makes art something the viewer can relate to and want to bey into.

Artificial Creativity: Part 2 Describing the Virtual Collective Unconscious.  

The internet an immense about of computers all doing a single function in the grand scheme. These computers are linked by a set of wires sending signals back between the computers.  This is a similar set of electrical process that goes on in the brain. While different patterns in brains lead to different personalities you can use those patterns on the internet to look at how we organize the personality of the internet.  This is a psycho-analytic theory not a result of a set of study based on data. The ways we can you use neuro-structure model the internet can help us understand the native of the collective in the information age.   

Looking for Artist: Part 2

Let’s start by defining the group mentality. The idea that the way that has worked in the past is good enough is the first trait. Secondly, the idea that what is thought by others is the best way to do things without question. Another pitfall of group mentality is that if others think it as crazy or unpopular that it must be a bad idea. These types of fears of the unknown and uncharted territory are common in people how to identify followers and or patrons of the common norm.

Narrative: Part 2 Subliminal Messaging

When communicating your ideas through art or discussion, you will run into the premade narrative that defines the others individual identity. This narrative is unique however present on all of us, and it determines our biases.  Most people are not consciously aware of the roots of their biases in their personal narrative. The subconscious root makes the ability to commutative directly with narrative subliminal messaging. The ability to establish direct communication between your conscious analytical mind and their subconscious narrative allows you to bypass the arguments they have built against, logic itself. Additionally, it lets you connect with the audience even when everything in their emotional and analytical is resisting your conversation.

Narrative is a powerful tool that needs to be accompanied by the task of letting the other person chose whether to put your ideas into their narrative.  This consent is what keep what you are doing art and not propaganda.

Narrative: Part 1 Identity Communication and Art

 The narrative is how our life stories come through in any given moment. It is in the realm of the novel not the realm of the essay. It is our contribution to the institution of thought. Native is a growing structure that is a complex and delicate as life itself. When we make the mistake of ignoring this change, our relationship with our narrative can grow brittle and brake. Life, like narratives, can grow back even whey we brake it, as long as we give that identity attention.  We build our identity on where our native has unfolded so far.  This expression of our narratives is how we relate to art and why we spend so much time with art and propaganda.  When creating art, we need to focus on connecting with the audiences narratives we do this by using: empathy, intimacy and personal dialog.  We start a conversation between our narrative and theirs.  

Netflix A Bandage Solution

I have been watching Netflix all the time. I watch It while I am doing work and while I am cleaning. Excessive Netflix is not me trying to act like most millennials or trying to consume mass media. I see real biases in what I watch. The reason I watch it is as I adjust to a lower dose of medication then I have ever been on. The temptation to lose my sense of what was the native of truth and plot of fact. Narrative confusion is the trap at the beginning of losing mental stability. Watching Netflix gives me a grounding into my imagination and where it starts being fact.

Artificial Creativity Part 1: Us in the Information Age

The natural world is the birth of our mind. We acclimatize as we get older to the world of artificiality. For this reason, we look to nature as a sense of peace. The idea that human nature is its self natural is one that implies an Anthropocene in our relationship with our identity.  As our minds get more acclimated to our artificial surroundings, we seem to get more acclimatized to the idea of artificial minds. Technological innovation moving us toward artificial experience can be seen for Elon Musk’s Nero Lace to the focus on information as a commodity, not a langue. This artificiality of How we experience in the world has impacts on how we use creativity.

The Weapon of Free Thought: Peace and Informed Cooperation

 The truly most dangerous wars do not take the place of the battle filed they take place in the minds of the generals orchestrating the casualties.

 By knowing the one in a hundred people, you can teach to think for themselves are the one in a hundred people that make life worth living.

 The last war fought will be over how leads the army of ideas.

Classical Conservative Feminism.

 I am a classical conservative feminist. The idea of liberal empowerment is not more or less true the grounding yourself, and you work in the foundation that changed itself,  society.  

 One blames the idea of understanding your foundation for were you and your fellow stand-in society as nihilism. Radical Liberalism is to disregard all notion of grounding in how you as a person change the world. To see all people rise as human, no person on authority should dictate how people live their lives and how they chose to love even if that power figure in already in a relationship with the person how is making the decision. Feminsim is not an excuse for anarchy and spite. The idea as far as I can tell is that feminism is the powerful need humility and the compassion to let the week live strong lives.

The Ignorant

I saw a lady at the grocery store as a question to a customer he clearly was not comfortable answering. The women like virtually everyone on the planet wanted to make the world a better place.

 Here is what came to mind. Curiosity is not a crime if anything is in too short a supply.  Innocence is not a crime either, just the denial of it of it is unjust.  The one who is ridiculed even by kindness is charged with the duty to teach the common folk what questions to ask. Even is the artist is exposed.

Inspiration vs Plagiarism

We never truly come up with our own art. Our actions are based on subliminal rearrangements of what we observe. The act of plagiarism is then the lack of unconscious rearrangements. We use the act of inspiration to take these inputs and idea and see the thought our perceptual bias. This bias is the aspect of our identity that gives us individual impact. Bing aware of that bias allows us to be more logical by minimizing our bias and it lets us be more creative by embracing our bias.

Being a leader part 2: Looking for Talent in the Unpopular

People have all different abilities and strengths. The mire someone is overlooked by most people the more they tend to have skills that are atypical in their given environment by definition they might not be suited for that work. However, it is likely that their skills are matched to a task that is not being done by competition. Your job as a leader is to create a place were people fell they can try to develop skills and ideas that not fostered by most people. You want your followers or employees to try and develop ideas that neither they or you see the logic to a first. Ideas that are just gut feelings and aspirations of what the see as a good future. Their dreams the ones that most people laugh at are the. nest projects your portfolio.

The Gun is Stories: Part 2 The Ethics of Depicting Using Growth

People misconstrue the gun as a symbol of violence as a symbol of heroism. You can see this in real-world integration and storytelling. A message of peace and ethics does do not mean that all or even most characters in a story should not use guns. The idea of a story is to understand human reality, and entire characters can be the embodiment of an archetype or distilled part of us. This part of us could be good or bad.

To ethically use a gun in a story the literal act of violence shows us a negative part of our psyche that we along with the story can overcome.

The Gun is Stories: Part 1 The good and Evil in All of Us  

The gun is the symbol for evil, for death, for war, and for everything bad you can do to someone. If it is how we tell the story of hated then why is it in so many successful socially accepted stories?

 The is no person on this planet how is only good or evil. That is why we have the idea of god and the devil. No matter what someone actions what you see of them is only an abstraction of their identity. We interact in the world of things however operate in the world of… Read More