The Blogs Going Forward

As you can see I have not posted much ever the last few days. I took the time to think about the blog going forward. I want to spate it into the different project Projects That I have been working on. You see I am going to now and after school continue to fight for Mental Health and Autism. I as an artist will fight for the little guy. I also will continue the talk about, creativity and how one can use it. The other content on the blog will carry on as well. I want to look at parts of being autistic that most people do not see and ideas that most people get wrong.

Update Tabs

I moved the help tab to the bottom of the page. You can now find it in the footer. All of my content can now be found under HIS WORK. This includes a list of portfolios, a list of projects, my blog and my bio. As of Christmas day, there is an updated photo of me on the bio page. The blog is the same as ever, projects have a list of each project along with a summary of that project. It also has a search bar. The portfolio shows a minimalist list of each portfolio with no description. This list can also be found on the home page. 


The store page has a page for booking and an Exclusive Pre-booked Store. The booking page states my rate and tells you to contact me. The Exclusive Pre-booked Store Lets People with pre-approved accounts buy executive photos that only they can access.

Massive Update to Site Structure

1 There is a rearrangement of tabs.  I Moved contact and help as well as site search to the navigation at the bottom of the site. The new login page has its own tab. The home tab has been renamed how to say Splash Page; there is a tab that says home in it that summarizes my website.  The login page has its own tab now.

2. Homepage

The splash page is all open to a page those talks about photography and my blog.  


3. Login Beta page

The former password protected pages in now rebranded Login Beta. It is simplified and designed to look more like any other login system.

Update: Description of the new project

I had this idea to talk about the process of taking you life experiences and world view and putting them into design.  Whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, creative or any other person passionate about designing work that expresses you past and what you want your vision for the future to be.  There is more than just learning the technique. You need to have a way of contacting the medium to your soul. I will take you though my process for do this as well as lessons I have learned from mental health issues on the matter and exercises you can do to connect you work with your journey.  I will talk about how to hone your creatively. If style is selling you vision, you can build you technical choices around your vision.   

Update: Steps to Downloading Files

1.      In the search bar enter the login code (i.e. QXGX-DEMO-B).

2.      Click the blue link.

3.      enter the password

4.      each download you have access to will have a square that you can click on. Look for the name that best fits what you are looking for.

5.      click add to cart

6.      If you get a pop-up window, after reading, click I accept.

7.      Repeat steps 4 through 6 for each download you want to do.

8.      Click cart in the corner.

9.      Double check what you are buying and what you are downloading.

10.  Click Checkout.

11.  Enter your email.

12.  Only if you are paying to enter your bank card.

13.  Enter your name and address.

14.  Click purchase

15.  Downloaded your images in a zip file

16.  To open a sip file reed more.