Sebastian’s Letter to Artists

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Here is a place where you are not another commodity. I am not a fan trying to get a piece of you. I do not see you as perfect. I will not be disappointed by weakness. I am looking for friends that do not fit in; you are just a regular human being that everyone wants a part of. We are humans who are treated artificially. We are shaping the future. You see what is not yet there. Like any artist, you will bear this burden alone until you find other creatives that just want to be friends. Together through dialogue, we can create not just music but a human narrative that everyone can contribute to. The music industry does not have to be about selling materialism to the masses. It can be about encouraging civil discussion. Together, the road to an industry of human empowerment and not materialistic propaganda may seem like a dead end. As artists, we have been continually reinventing narrative since people first drew in caves. As an artist, you are starting your journey where the sidewalk ends.

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