Sebastian’s Story 

When Sebastian Vasoff was in grade 11, he was hospitalized for bipolar disorder. Once out, he made an oath to help people feel safe telling their stories. For most of his life, he had been studying mathematics. His interest in math fell to ruins as he saw the world through a camera, and he realized that for all the logic in the world, our souls chiselled into our faces. As someone with Asperger’s, Sebastian struggles to read expressions and compensates with the psychology of storytelling. His struggle to fit in and understand social norms is the backbone of his mission. His dream is talking about what constitutes acceptable conventions to challenge, and how to safely learn from people of all walks of life. As Sebastian walks the streets with his camera, he befriends beggars and businesspeople, the hottest artists and those whom society treats like trash. He has brainstormed with the politicians and with the powerless. With everyone he works with, he shares a willingness to have open dialogue and dismiss no idea as irrelevant. Fractured logic is what dreams are made from. Sebastian is dreaming of a company that helps artists tell their stories through images and receive financial composition.