We offer this service free of charge to artists that are doing the work to monetize their work outside of merch sales. You can send us your images to be edited and instead of paying you can sign a photo release. This model release clarifies that you are consenting to let the Vasoff  Music Group help monetize your image.  We look for artists that have a fan base big enough to sell clothing on an ongoing basis.  We look for brands that have active online ties to their fans. 

We can print hundreds of options of garments each with images of your band.  We do not ask to own your music. 

We can print the garment when it’s purchased through our online store. We can also print in advance of concerts. We can print so that an article can be ordered with a ticket.  We look for artists whose fans are almost entirely online. 

We are finishing up a year of research and development.  While we are not printing yet, we are taking images that artists ask to be edited.